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Smoothing Lines

The fine skin around  your eyes is the first to show signs of ageing, as well as dark circles and puffiness and it's no surprise wrinkles show up here first. The delicate skin around your eyes needs extra special care because it's thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, so it's less able to hold in moisture. There are also fewer oil glands in this area, which adds to the potential dryness, and there's no fatty layer underneath the skin to act as a shock absorber. The result is that this skin quickly loses its elasticity. The thinner skin around your eyes really can't absorb thick-textured creams, so your normal night or day cream will be too heavy (and could cause puffiness). Instead, invest in a separate eye product packed with anti-ageing vitamins, and only use a blob the size of a small pea for both eyes to avoid overload. For best results, use an eye cream or serum at night to prevent dehydration, and an eye cream or gel (preferably with an SPF) in the morning to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness. Use your ring finger to pat gently onto the skin over crow's feet and around the eye contour, avoiding eyelids.

Remedies for getting rid of fine lines

- Herby almond gel to soften lines around the eyes: 

- 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel

- 1 teaspoon herbal tea (chamomile tea)

- 1 teaspoon ground almonds

Mix all the ingredients together. Use within three days. Smooth into the skin above and below your eyes half an hour before applying make-up, then rinse off with warm water.

- Cucumber cooler

- 7.5cm (3in) length cucumber

- 2 teaspoon aloe vera gel

Put the cucumber and aloe vera in a blender and liquidize. Use at once to moisten two cotton eye pads. Place one ever each closed eye and leave for fifteen to thirty minutes.

- Olive Oil

olive oil is very useful for deep moisturizing your skin. Take olive oil and slightly warm it. Then apply it under the eyes and gently massage with your index finger for a few minutes and leave it on. Light coating of olive oil can also be applied at night to keep the eyes skin smooth and wrinkles free.

- Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for wrinkles. Coconut oil has many skin's friendly nutrients as well as anti-oxidants that protect against the free radicals that damage skin and cause wrinkles and fine lines.Simply massage organic coconut oil into wrinkled skin until it absorbs completely and leave it on overnight. Do this remedy at night on daily basis to get effective result.

Dark Circles

Dark circles can happen at any age, but become more noticeable as skin thins and blood entering the vessels under your eyes shows through. The most common reason for dark circles is lack of sleep, although stress, a food intolerance (which can be triggered by stress) and smoking can also cause problems. And don't ignore genetics. If your mother has dark circles, you may well have inherited them too. The first line of defence is to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins, and cut down on alcohol and salty food. You can also try avoiding wheat and cow's milk, which are the most common food-intolerance triggers. Luckily, light-diffusing concealers work wonders at disguising dark circles. And application is foolproof if you bear in mind that less is more. Drop your chin and look up at yourself in a mirror so you can see the darkest area. This is where you need to apply a line of concealer, preferably with a fine brush. Then work quickly to blend over the entire dark area, being careful  not to overlap onto lighter skin- or your camouflage work will have a highlighting effect instead.

Remedies for getting rid of Dark Circles

- Tomato

Tomato is  a great solution for getting rid of dark circle, as it naturally helps to diminish the dark circles and also makes the skin soft and supple. All you need to do is mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it under your eyes. Let it remain for about 10 minutes and then, wash it off with water. Repeat this remedy at least twice a day. Drinking  tomato juice mixed with some lemon juice and mint leaves on daily basis can also help in getting rid of dark circles.

- Almonds

Almonds are packed with vitamin E and its oil is as an emollient which helps in making the skin supple. Just apply little almond oil on your dark circles and massage gently. Just leave it overnight and wash it next morning.

- Rose Water

Treating dark circles with rose water is also very effective remedy. Rose water not only rejuvenates skin and reduces dark circles but also has a soothing effect on tired eyes. Due to its mild astringent properties, it also works well as a skin toner.

- Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea bags are wonderful for treating dark circles and have proven to lighten the eye area dramatically! Soak two chamomile teabags in cold water for a while and place over your eyes for 10 minutes.

Puffy Eyes

Puffiness is caused by trapped fluid is the tissues under your eyes, and is usually worse in the morning as fluid collects overnight. Eyebags after a boozy night, out or a good cry are common, but if you suffer regularly you may have a food intolerance. Again, common triggers are wheat and cow's milk products (don't forget cheese and cottage cheese), plus citrus fruits, eggs and nuts. You should also cut down on salt, which increases water retention in all parts of the body. And beware hidden salt. You may be aware that pre-packaged foods are high in salt, but did you know that mass-produced breakfast cereals often contain more salt than a bag of crisps? puffy eyes can also be a sign of sensitivity, so it's worth switching brands you use daily to see if that makes a difference. And make sure you're not overloading your eyes with a too-rich cream.

NO-cost remedies for reducing puffiness

This is one of the most common beauty problems. These ideas can help:

- wrap an ice cube in clingfilm and hold it over the area for a few minutes, as this will stimulate blood vessels and help the flow of toxins. Stainless steel teaspoons kept in the fridge all night will also do the trick.

- Place slices of raw potato on closed eyes for five minutes. Strawberries and cucumber can also help.

- The tannic acid in black tea is great for reducing swelling. Soak two teabags in cold water and place over your eyes for 10 minutes.

- Tap the under-eye area lightly and quickly with your middle finger, moving from the inner corner outwards and back again.

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