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Daniel Sandler, make-up artist to Kristin Scott Thomas and  Joanna Lumley, says, 'Make-up should always be sheer, regardless of your age. Always be subtle with application and look for formulations that suit your skin. If you have not changed your base in 20 years, have a look at today's new formulation, which make a massive difference to your skin'.



Foundation: There's no need to wear base unless you have an uneven skintone, and look for an oil-free liquid or stick formula with added SPF, as you've probably got slightly greasy skin. Use loose powder to set it in place.

Blusher: Powders and stains are longer-lasting than most creams, which can move around during the day.

Eyes: You can wear anything from glitters to shimmers to bold colour, so make the most of it while you can!

Lips and Nails: Wearing high-fashion colours means buying inexpensive brands. You'll be into something different in a few months, so splashing out really is a waste of money.

30s and 40s

Foundation: Skin is starting to look a little drier from sun and stress, so look for a liquid base that contains moisturizers and an SPF, but is still light in texture and invisible on the skin. Avoid using loose powder unless it's non-dehydrating, and steer clear of shimmery powders as they can settle in lines. You'll probably need a liquid concealer under your eyes (a light-reflecting one in a slightly yellowy tone is most flattering).

Blusher: You can still use powders, but beware going too brown in shade. Much more flattering is a pink or peach over the apples of your cheeks to give a healthy glow. You can also highlight cheekbones with with just a touch of shimmer.

Eyes: Apply a little foundation on lids to hide veins and help eyeshadows last and blend well. Avoid using glitter all over the lids- a dot at the centre is enough.

Lips: colour is a personal choice, but avoid shimmery shades as they are often dry in texture.

50s onwards

Foundation: Avoid oil-free formulations, as you need extra help with moisturizer now. Liquid or creamy formulations will flatter; they should also be light-reflecting, but not too shimmery. Steer clear of stick foundation, which tend to dry out your skin, and too much powder, which can look floury.

Blusher: Use long-lasting creams that won't budge, as powders will be too dry, making your skin look dull.

Eyes: Avoid dark, matte shades all over the lids and go for sheer delicates. If you want extra definition, use a soft liner pencil close to your lash line and smudge with a finger. You may have a few grey hairs in your brows, but don't over darken, as this just looks scary. Update your look with a flattering colour like lilac, which brightens the whites and makes the iris colour stand out. And definitely avoid glitter- you aren't your daughter!

Lips: Avoid too much gloss as it will run into creases, and don't use very dark shades as they will make your face look hard. If your lips aren't as plump as they used to be, line with a soft, neutral shade pencil, fill in with colour and use a dot of gloss just in the centre of your lower lips.

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